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Pirate Radio - Playerless Radio with Clipstream

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Clipstream enables users to tune into your radio station without needing to use an installed media player. The technology uses Java streaming which enables a clear mono sound (stereo will be available in Java 2). The advantage of using it is that listeners who wander onto your web page can tune in whether they have a player installed or not; there is no need to leave your site or be distracted with a lengthy download and install process. Clipstream is also cross platform to all Java-enabled browsers.

Clipstream links are automatically displayed in the station directory page here: http://www.pirateradionetwork.com

In the Pirate Radio Network page, users can click on the title of the station to bring up the Media Player to hear the default RD3 sound or they can click on the Clipstream link to hear the Clipstream signal (no player required).

For help with adding these links to your site, go here. Clipstream can also be inserted into a banner or even within an email. Imagine playing your live broadcast, sending an email to your friend, seeing them receive it on your listener log, and blowing them away when you start to talk to them, live, through their email message!

Learn to embed and customize your Clipstream Audio in this page. Then you can explore how to use Clipstream in an email here.







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