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The Pirate Radio Broadcaster requires the following minimum system configuration:
Windows PC
  • Pentium class CPU 166 MHz or faster
  • Windows 95/98/2000or NT
  • 64 MB RAM 
  • Minimum 128k Internet connection
  • A direct IP connection. (Don't know what this means? Click here.)

We Recommend:

  • A dedicated machine for broadcasting; broadcasting can be CPU intensive
  • Dual ISDN Internet connection or better
  • Full duplex, medium to high end sound card 
  • 128 MB RAM or more 
  • PC: Intel Pentium 266+ or AMD K6 400+ higher CPU
  • Mid to high end quality microphone
  • Clean source audio
  • Sufficient hard drive space for a collection of audio files if you intend on broadcasting from your hard drive.
  Macintosh broadcasting is currently unsupported.




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