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The Station Settings editor allows you to specify your station information so you can provide additional information to your listeners. To access the editor, click on the yellow Settings button at the bottom of the main interface.

Once the Settings window drops down, click on the Change button in the Station Settings area.

An explanation of what each field refers to appears below. This information appears when the listener tunes in to your station on their Destiny Media Player™ or through Clipstream.

Tip: Changes to your Station Settings can be done while broadcasting but will only be updated after you stop and restart your broadcast.

Station Name Your station's name - this name will be listed in the directory at stationdirectory.com and in the Destiny Media Player's Radio mode. Your listeners will be able to select your station by name. You can enter your station's call letters (example: DSNY) or a longer station name (example: Bob's Rock Palace).

The section or format that your station fits into. Select from the pull down list; you must be connected to the Internet to access the list.

Location Enter your location. This could be your city, country, state of mind, or whatever else you wish display.
Description Enter a short description to a maximum of 200 characters. A description larger than that will be clipped. The display in the Destiny Media Player is also more restrictive than Clipstream and the directory.
E-mail Your station email address. Allows listeners to request songs, comment on content, etc. This address will automatically load the listener's email client when the Email button is selected on their Destiny Media Player while listening to your station.
Web Site Allows listeners to visit your station web site with a click on their Destiny Media Player. The URL entered here will automatically load when the Web button is selected on the listener's Destiny Media Player
Download URL This is a feature available to broadcasters that are broadcasting MPEs. This field can be left blank byb most broadcasters.

Below is an example of what the listener sees in the Destiny Media Player™.

Destiny Media Player image: the Station Information entered in the RadioDestiny Broadcaster shows up like this for the listener. Clicking Web will launch the listener's browser and go to the website that is entered in the Web Site field. If Email is clicked, it will launch their email client with a message addressed to the broadcaster.

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