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Pirate Radio - Create 'Listen' links on your web site

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Linking your station on your web page


To enrich your existing web site or as a cool feature to a new site, you can add an image or text link which will immediately launch the Destiny Media Player or player-less Webstream browser window that connects to your live station.

Whenever you broadcast, your server automatically creates a file with the extension .rdl which identifies your station at the time it is broadcasting.

Start up your broadcaster and go to the live stations at stationdirectory.com or pirateradionetwork.com Copy the link for your station and paste it into your html page. Upload your page.

To copy the link: Internet Explorer - hover over the station link, right click, 'Copy Shortcut'. Netscape - hover over the station link, right click, 'Copy Link Location'.

Note: If you have a dynamic IP address, this link will need to be updated every time your IP address changes.

Find some useful Pirate Radio images here.

Learn to embed and customize your Clipstream Audio 'Webstream' in this page.

If the listener has the Destiny Media Player™ as the default player, when they click on the link the Destiny Media Player™ will start playing your broadcast. Player-less Clipstream will launch and play cross platform as long as the listener's browser has Java enabled. Recent stats indicate 98% + of the Internet audience are Java enabled and therefore able to tune in without a download or other such hassle. It just plays!








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