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Your Broadcaster Connection Settings will need to be adjusted while considering certain issues:

  • Your Internet connection; LAN, proxy, Firewall? Modem? Static IP address?
  • System Resources; CPU, available RAM, multitasking
  • Maximum allowable bit rate versus maximum number of listeners.
  • Enable Webstream or not, enable stereo or not?

To access Broadcaster settings, click on the yellow Settings button in the main interface.

Once the Settings window drops down, click on the Change button in the Connection Settings window.

Pirate Radio allows you to broadcast through a firewall, LAN, or Proxy. You will need to enter the appropriate information in the fields under Connection. Also see more HERE. Set up the broadcaster as if it was a web server.

Entering true IP address
If you are unable to broadcast, one of the reasons may be because you have provided the wrong IP address. If you are on a LAN, frequently there is confusion over what constitutes a true IP address or simply the address used within the network. Go to the page below that autodetects your true IP.

Check your true IP address

Open port through firewall
When an administrator wishes to allow computers inside a closed network that is protected by a firewall to be accessible from outside computers they will make a port available through the gateway computer. The default port ID is 80, which is the usual web server port that allows web browsers from the outside to look up pages displayed from computers from behind a firewall. However, your network administrator may create a different port. To change the port ID, click in the field beside Port and type in the new number. Also note that it has become common for ISPs to restrict port 80. In that case, another port such as 8080 will overcome the problem.

Adjusting Listening quality vs number of listeners
When a listener begins hearing your station they are actually connecting with their computer to your computer using both the bandwidth they have available and the bandwidth that you have available. The more listeners attempt to hear your broadcast, the more connections your bandwidth must support. Pirate Radio allows you to ration bandwidth to each listener depending upon how many you wish to support and at what quality.

Connection Settings Window

RD3 Stream (on or off)
To adjust quality settings for listeners using the regular RD3 stream (what they hear through the Destiny Media Player), go to drop-down list beside Maximum Bitrate at RD3 Stream. Click on the list and then choose the maximum bit rate (kbps) that you allow listeners to connect at. This is the maximum that someone may transfer from your station; listeners on lower bandwidth will connect at a lower data rate. By bringing the maximum kpbs lower, you allow more potential listeners to connect.

Note: Most modems do not connect at upload speeds faster than 40kbps. Please do not try to provide bit rates that you can not accommodate or problems will persist.

Stereo (on or off)
If you are broadcasting only Talk radio or at lower bit rates, stereo may not be necessary. Broadcasting stereo also causes higher use of your system resources. If you barely meet minimum requirements or plan to use the broadcasting machine for other tasks while broadcasting, you may prefer to disable stereo. By doing this you half the bit rate needed for a similar quality signal by your listeners while broadcasting a good quality mono sound. To disable it, click in the checkbox to uncheck Stereo.

Webstream is currently Mono only, due to limitations of Java. Future versions of Webstream will use Java 2.0 which will allow Stereo.

WebStream (on or off)
Webstream is built upon the player-less technology of Clipstream. Your live Webstream broadcast can be embedded into a web page, banner ad, etc. for player-less listening. Webstream can even be embedded to an email and played live within the recipient's email client!

Note: At this time, the bit rate for player-less Webstream is not adjustable. Future builds of the software will allow for more flexibility.

Set maximum listeners
Be sure to only allow the number of listners your connection will support. To do this, simply type a number into the field beside Maximum number of listeners. The number of listeners you can support will be dictated by your Internet connection upload speed and the maximum bit rate that you allow each listener. The software does not allow a number higher than 100 as anything higher is an unreasonable number for a residential broadband connection to support.



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